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What Is The Tax Band When Shipping Ca...

Classic Car

Every car and motorcyle UP TO 30 YEARS OLD: 5% DUTY + 10% GST Cars over 30 YEARS OLD AND MOTORCYCLES: 0% DUTY + 10% GST (Luxurious Car Tax (LCT) of 33% is additional on very high value vehicles only) ALTERNATIVE FALL BACK CUSTOMS VALUE (used in most cases). For automobiles owned in the UK […]

What’s ways can I prepare my vehicle ...


  Ensure fuel tank is below capacity The risk of spillage when shipping cars via Roll On-Roll Off is a concern for authorities. It’s advisable to ensure your fuel is only a quarter of the way full. Spare cans of fuel should be removed from the vehicle as well for the same reason. Car must be […]

Can I import a new car to Australia?


This all depends on exactly how new your car is. In order to import a car to Australia you must have owned and continuously used the car in another country for at LEAST 12 months. You must also be in a position to prove that this is true.

Can I track the shipping of my vehicl...

container ship

Each individual company will have their own rules regarding the tracking of your containers and your vehicles. A good Australia vehicle shipping company will be able to provide you with regular updates of your cars location via email or a tracking device you can view on their website.

Do I have to drain my fuel tank?


It is a maritime requirement that when your vehicle is ready to be stored in a container, the vehicles fuel gauge must register empty. Dependent on which vehicle shipper you chose, you may be charged if they have to drain the vehicle for you.

How far in advance should I book?


Australia is a very long way from the UK, therefore to ship a vehicle from one door to the next will take some skilled coordinating from the shipping company you opt for. In our eyes, with such a big, life-changing move – you can never be TOO organised!

Can I arrange to ship a vehicle from ...


The locations you are able to ship your car to Australia from is dependent on the removal company you select for transportation. However, notable shipping companies should be capable of shipping from anywhere in the UK.

Does my vehicle have to be clean?

quarantine checkpoint

When shipping a vehicle to Australia, or just about anything for that matter, inspections will be carried out upon arrival by the relevant authorities, and if items are not fully cleaned to government standards, they are subject to strict quarantine.

How are car shipping costs to Austral...


Many factors are taken into consideration when quoting vehicle shipping to Australia costs. When you are selecting a removals company don’t just choose the first one you come across, make sure you enquire at multiple companies for quotes.

Can I ship a motorbike to Australia?


It is important to check with an individual shipping companies for their policies regarding the vehicles they will ship to Australia. PSS will ship a motorbike; therefore you can explore the Australian coast from the seat of your own motorbike!