Open Versus Enclosed Car Transport an...


Choosing which method of vehicle shipping to go with can be difficult but generally, it all depends on your budget and timeframe. If you have a lower budget, your shipment options will be limited and if you have a certain timeframe, your hand may also be forced into a certain shipment method. What we mean […]

How Long in Advance Should I Schedule...


It depends on the car shipping company, but most should be able to deal with your vehicle just days before your desired vehicle shipment. However, do enquire in good time, so that you are made aware of how long it could take to process and how long it will take to ship. If you need […]

Which Transport Vehicles Will Transpo...


When transporting your car, there could be a few ways that it may travel: Freight – this is a container that will house your vehicle in a safe space; also known as enclosed carriers. Ro-Ro Ship – this is a ship that will hold many vehicles being transported, that Roll-on and then Roll-off the ship […]

Can I Track My Car During the Shippin...


It does depend on the car shipping company that is used. Each will provide a different vehicle transport service so it is best to check with them directly. However, as a general idea, many companies will have an online tracker for you to use in order to gage where your vehicle is in transit. If […]

How Will I Know When to Collect My Ca...


Once the vehicle shipping process is almost completed, you will be contacted by the drivers. This is usually about a day before, to give you enough time in advance to be prepared for the collection of your car. If the driver is unable to make direct contact with you, a message will be left and […]

What Do I Do If I Notice Damage on My...


What to do if your vehicle is damaged will vary company to company, but in general, you have about 30 days to make a claim. Get into contact with the car shipping company that you used as soon as possible if you notice anything wrong with your vehicle that wasn’t there before. Secondly, you need […]

What is RO-RO Car Shipping?


Ro-Ro car shipping stands for Roll-on/Roll-off shipping. This is a method of car shipping where a Roll-on/Roll-off ship will carry vehicles that are driven onto and off of the ship. This is a very popular method for international car shipping for the ease of movement.

How is the Payment Handled for Car Sh...


You will pay for your car shipping before the process begins. It is up to you how you wish to pay, be that will credit cards, debit cards, cheque or cash. We prefer the use of card transactions, however, but this can be discussed and negotiated to suit you.

What Official Documents Will I Need f...


Firstly, you will need a log book to verify your owning the vehicle. You will need to be able to provide proof of your car insurance, too, to ensure it travels safely. A driver’s license is needed as photo identification, or a passport at least. The car owner will need to offer a bill of […]

Will you pick up and deliver the vehi...


We can do this for you, but door-to-door car shipping will be costlier; an alternative option is to drop-off your vehicle. Different companies have different guidelines, so be sure to check with them if you desire a door-to-door pickup and delivery for car shipping to Australia. If you want to inquire with us, simply give […]