Emigrating to Australia Checklist

Before emigrating to Australia, there is a lot to plan. Use our checklist to help with this planning and to keep you organised.
24 months prior to moving to Australia

• Organise a trip to Australia so you can decide your favourite cities, and decide where you would like to live. It is best for a real life experience, so you can get a true feel for the city, and meet some of the people you will soon call neighbours, and see if you like their lifestyles, the homes, recreational facilities and the general culture within the city.
• Inform your friends and family of your decision to relocate
• Research visa options and begin any applications as these can often take a long time to be granted
18 months prior to moving to Australia

• Set a budget and begin to pay of existing debts to ensure you arrive in Australia with as much money as possible
• Submit application, and begin gathering documents such as marriage and birth certificates, qualifications and references. Also, check the requirements of the specific visa you have applied for as the required documents often vary


12 months prior to moving to Australia

• Begin researching the property market in your chosen city and whether you want to buy, rent and if you will be selling your current home
• Investigate whether there are any job opportunities in Australia with your current employer, or being networking with Australian business’ and companies
• Ensure your passports validity is over two years


10 months prior to moving to Australia

• Begin the process of selling your current home if that is your plan of action


8 months prior to moving to Australia

• If you are taking a pet with you, begin researching what you need to do to take them
• Begin applying for jobs in Australia


6 months prior to moving to Australia

• If you have children, inform their school of your intentions to move to Australia. Australia school years run from January to December, so this should be taken into account.
• Begin researching schools and colleges in your chosen city to ensure you find the best for your child
• Obtain quotes from a number of freight and shipping companies
• If you need any police clearances, apply for those now as it can take up to 3 months
• Get in touch with your pension company to see if you are able to transfer pension to pensions or superannuation funds or not
4 months prior to moving to Australia

• Go for your medical or health check


3 months prior to moving to Australia

• Book your flights!
• Apply for or open an Australian bank account
• Get credit references from your bank
• Begin informing your employer that you are intending to move to Australia. Some companies may require one month notice, however some require three months’ notice
2 months prior to moving to Australia

• Register your children with their new school
• Organise for your pets to be sent to Australia
• Book temporary accommodation for your first few weeks if you need to
• Apply for jobs and sign up with recruitment agencies
• Pack all your belongings into boxes and have them shipped to Australia


1 month prior to moving to Australia

• Hand in your notice at your job if you haven’t already
• If you are currently renting a property, give your notice to your landlord
• Cancel all utility bills in your name and inform council to stop council tax
• Hand in any other notices, on gyms, phone contracts etc.
• Cancel your direct debits and insurance policies you may have
• Sell your vehicle
• Obtain no claims bonuses from insurers, which could save you lots of money on car and house insurance in Australia


3 weeks prior to moving to Australia

• Inform the post office to redirect any post to your new address


2 weeks prior to moving to Australia

• Ask for your work references
• If renting, obtain a reference from your landlord
• Begin packing up the rest of your belongings


1 week prior to moving to Australia

• Farewell gatherings
• Plan transport to the airport
• If migrating from the UK, sort out P45 and Tax Refund
• Cancel your car insurance
• Arrange for your money to be transferred to Australia

• Finalise packing
• Double check you have flight tickets and passports!

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