What are the car shipping methods?


There are a number of car shipping methods you can use to transport your vehicle to Australia. You can ship your car to with other household effects in the same container, ship your vehicle on its’ own or you can opt for the roll on roll off method.

Car & household effects

The car and household effects method enables you to combine your household removals and your car in a container together which many people prefer. If you chose to ship your goods and your vehicle with PSS Removals, they will come and personally pack your goods, load and secure your vehicle and personal effects in the container that arrives at your house the morning of the move.

Car only or shared container

If, like many, you want to ship your car in a container without any household effects, the car only or shared container is the option for you. The shared container is a much more cost effective option as it will be in a container with another car; however, shipping a car in a container entirely on its own is a much more popular option.

PSS will position a container outside of your home on the day you select, alternatively you can drive your vehicle to your nearest shipping line container depot for careful loading an securing before shipping your vehicle to Australia.

Roll on Roll off  |  Lift on Lift off

Roll on roll off, also known as lift on lift off, is a method of car shipping to Australia that is only available at selected ports in specific countries and it would require that you deliver your car to the specified docks.

Your car would then be driven on to the vessel, parked and safely secured and ready for shipping to Australia.


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