Does my vehicle have to be clean?

quarantine checkpoint

When shipping a vehicle to Australia, or just about anything for that matter, inspections will be carried out upon arrival by the relevant authorities, and if items are not fully cleaned to government standards, they are subject to strict quarantine.

It will be advised by all removals company, that prior to the day of your vehicle being shipped to Australia, you should carry out a thorough steam clean every inch of both the exterior and interior of the vehicle.

The inspections are carried out to prevent the spread or foreign disease, noxious weeds and insect pests, and the inspection process and quarantine regulations are strict so it is worth doing. If you fail to do so you will be subject to fees as well as your vehicle being placed in quarantine.

If you opt for the roll on roll off method of transportation, your vehicle must be free of mud and dirt when it arrives at your chosen terminal, and if it is not your car may be refused entry by authorities of the port.


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