How are car shipping costs to Australia calculated?


Many factors are taken into consideration when quoting vehicle shipping to Australia costs. When you are selecting a removals company don’t just choose the first one you come across, make sure you enquire at multiple companies for quotes.

While you are in the process of obtaining quotes from a number of companies, make sure you request details of what precisely is included in the quote. Although a company may quote you a cheaper price, that company may not include insurance where another one does, meaning you would end up dishing out even more money.

The main influence on the quote is of course the dimensions of the vehicle you are importing to Australia and the method of shipping you opt for.

Following this, the deciding factors of the removals company you select, aside from their reputation, will be the additional factors that are included within the quote.

Common things that will be included within quotes from the best removals companies are:

  • Collection of your vehicle from your chosen address or being greeted at a roll on roll off terminal if this is your selected shipping method.
  • Safety measures put in place to make sure you vehicle is stationary in transition.
  • Your vehicles carefully loaded into a container of your choice of roll on/roll off, lift on/lift off process carried out.
  • Sea Freight transportation to your chosen destination.
  • Inventory carried out.
  • Some companies supply some Marine Insurance and Shipment Protection cover.
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