Open Versus Enclosed Car Transport and Sea Versus Air?


Choosing which method of vehicle shipping to go with can be difficult but generally, it all depends on your budget and timeframe. If you have a lower budget, your shipment options will be limited and if you have a certain timeframe, your hand may also be forced into a certain shipment method.

What we mean is, Ro-Ro shipments, which travel via sea, are the cheaper options but they can take a considerable amount of time to arrive at far off locations. This is where freight planes and air cargo shipments are the faster option, but they are exceptionally more expensive.

If you are transporting across your country, rather than across countries or even continents, then you will only need a car carrier truck, which is simple and cost-effective. The query here is whether to use an enclosed or open carrier. Again, it is more expensive to go with an enclosed car carrier but if you are shipping a brand-new car, you may need this method for it is best for shielding your car against damage from the elements.

To sum up then, deciding on whether to choose enclosed car carriers or open carriers, sea or air, all depends on your budget and timeframe. If you have no budget, then you can opt for the faster and safer options, but it isn’t necessary if you don’t have a set timeframe, too.