What Do I Do If I Notice Damage on My Car After Vehicle Shipping?


What to do if your vehicle is damaged will vary company to company, but in general, you have about 30 days to make a claim. Get into contact with the car shipping company that you used as soon as possible if you notice anything wrong with your vehicle that wasn’t there before. Secondly, you need to document this with photos and records. Before car shipping, you should have provided photos of the vehicle, so it is a good idea now to have comparison photos to present to the car shipping company. You will need to write a detailed description of the fault and compare it to the original vehicle inspection documents.

A bill of lading (receipt of vehicle transport) is the best way to report the faults if you notice it right away. Both you and the driver of the transport vehicle will sign this bill of lading, so it’s a good way to acknowledge and agree upon the damage caused. From there, the vehicle transport company that you used will contact all the necessary carriers of the vehicle to find out what happened. For small repairs, the carrier is likely to pay out of pocket for the repairs. If there are any larger issues, however, the carrier’s insurance company a likely to get involved and handle it. Allow some time for this to be sorted, if this is the case. Once the claim has been approved, you will then have your vehicle repaired.