Importing vehicles purchased in regions Rather than the United States

Did you know many vehicles supplied obtainable in overseas locations except for the United States can not be brought into Canada?

Because of this if you’re planning on importing an automobile you purchased in a region with the exception of the United States, you have to enlighten yourself. Shipping a motor vehicle into Canada that doesn’t meet the criteria of the Motor Vehicle Safety Act (MVSA) is a criminal activity. Inadmissible motor vehicles are declined access into Canada and are held. All storage as well as removal charges become the duty of the importer.

Special instances:
When Canada Border Services Agency prerequisites are achieved, the below conditions allow individuals to import vehicles bought in a country aside from the United States:

  • your vehicle is a controlled class of vehicle fifteen (15) years of age or perhaps older as dependant upon the month and year the car had been created.
  • the auto is a bus manufactured prior to January 1, 1971.
  • your car doesn’t belong to a regulated type of vehicle under the MVSA.
  • the vehicle matches all MVSA specifications, and was obtained NEW abroad via a manufacturer’s foreign buyer program for Canadians abroad (proof of compliance is essential).
  • the automobile complies with all United States requirements and acquired NEW in another country via a manufacturer’s overseas buyer program for North-American buyers in another country (added restrictions apply).
  • your vehicle is a returning Canadian compliant vehicle primarily owned in Canada (verification of compliance is required).
  • the car is a returning United States compliant vehicle primarily held in the U.S. (additional constraints apply).

Notice: You can not import an auto created in North America which was licensed for trade to a overseas marketplace since it doesn’t comply with the MVSA which demands a auto to comply with all applied Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards at the time of primary assembly.

On top of that, there are no provisions in the MVSA that permit you to adjust a vehicle bought from a country besides the United States to fulfill Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.